Chasin’ Waterfalls 

All work and no play makes Ashlee a dull girl. Luckily within a few hours drive of Pakse there are many adventures to be had!  Bolaven Plateau  About 40km from Pakse you start to climb in altitude as you've hit the wonderful plateau which is the home of coffee, waterfalls and cooler weather! Most people... Continue Reading →


What defines a ‘real’ traveler?

I often hear people comment on other peoples travel styles with remarks such as 'oh if they haven't done that then they are not a real traveler' or 'only real travelers can say they have been there' etc etc (heck if I'm being honest I've even been the person to make those remarks) And it... Continue Reading →

I am not afraid of the world, but I am afraid of people who are afraid of the world. I want to live in a society filled with people who are curious and concerned about each other rather than afraid of each other. I want to live in a world full of brave people who... Continue Reading →

She’s traveling again?! 

This post is for everyone who wonders what I am actually doing here in Laos. I am situated in Pakse, Laos which is a small city located on the Mekong River. Tourists come here but rarely stay more than a coupe of days. The expat population is virtually non existent and if you find someone... Continue Reading →

Eating like a Lao Local 

Eating is a community event in Lao. People do not eat alone & if you try to order traditional Lao cuisine on your own you'll end up with enough to feed a small army!  If you are coming to Lao and want to know how to eat local, this is the perfect guide for you!... Continue Reading →

Get high in Pakse

A caffeine high that is 😉 The southern parts of Laos are home to world famous coffee plantations. The high mountains, fertile land and stable climate provide for perfect coffee growing conditions. If you have read my previous posts you'll know that I love coffee. Australia is a pioneer in the coffee industry and growing... Continue Reading →

Finding Altruism

   I have been in Lao for one week now & in this week I have been privy to more selfless acts than I was to in Australia in six months. People here have helped me find my way when I was lost, they have fed me, given me beer, showed me to dance like... Continue Reading →

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