When friends become family

It´s funny how it happens. In the blink of an eye. Without you even noticing.
You meet someone, exchange pleasantries and don’t give much thought to it. Even when they made a good impression, you don´t expect the outcome, you don´t even think about it.
You start to see that person more regularly, once or twice a week. You get along well and realize that this person is pretty rad. You start to speak to them when you’re not with them, you have a lot in common, you share the same experiences.
Then all of a sudden you realize that they have become completely integrated into your life. You start sharing almost everything. Where has this person been all my life?!
However, you realize at some point you are going to have to part ways. The thought of being without them makes you sad, although you realize you must enjoy these moments. These are the moments you will remember forever. After all that is the gypsy traveler way – you’re both never in one place for too long.
When you finally part ways you’re not sad because you understand that this person has become part of your chosen family, and they always will be. You might see them again, however, you might not. You’re at peace with that. As for that certain time in your life that person provided you with so much happiness, they taught you lessons, they were important. You will always have a piece of them and they will always have a piece of you.


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