How growing up with divorced parents has turned me into a gypsy 

I have this constant urge to be on the move and to see different places, my  parents wonder if I will ever settle down and stay in the country for more than six month. While I’m sure my friends are over my Instagram page. But recently I have decided that my family are really the ones to blame for my travel bug…

Like many people today my parents are divorced, that happened when I was eight. And so throughout my childhood I grew up in two homes. My dad insisted that custody be split equally, which meant half the week and mums and half the week at dads.

Growing up it annoyed me to no end that I had to constantly be packing a bag and moving my belongings from one house to another. Not to mention all the times I forgot things and one disgruntled parent would have to drive me around picking up all my forgotten school clothes. 

I used to swear to myself that when I grew up I would live at one house, have one wardrobe, have one bed and know that all my belongings were in one place. But now that I am ‘grown up’ (kind of) it is a completely different story.

If I wanted right now I could have all of my things in the one place. 

But do I? 


Do I want to? 

Apparently not.

 My belongings and life are still split between two houses (mums and dads…so maybe I’m still not that grown up). I could not tell you at which house my blue bikini is at and I cannot remember the last time I spent more than three nights in a row at one place. I now love being able to choose where I can stay the night and reaping the benefits that’s both places have to offer…one near the beach, one with an amazing chef (oh and it is nice to have quality parent-daughter time).

So there you are mum & dad, that’s why I can’t settle down! My childhood experiences have led to me being a gypsy.

Anybody else in the same boat?


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