Why saying goodbye has become so easy

While I was working at Bigfoot Hostel I was often asked 

 “isn’t it hard getting close to so many guests/other volunteers who all just leave?” 

I would always answer no and I’ll tell you why…

When I first started to travel it was hard, but then I had the realisation that although I may never see these people again the time that I shared with them was completely incredible; lots of laughs, deep conversations, activities, adventures, we did it all & therefore I will always have good memories of that person and the time we spent together. Sometimes your view of a person who you’ve been friends with for years can be altered by one event or incident but with the friends you’ve made travelling that rarely happens!

Plus with the ever-increasing use of technology I am always up to date with what my friends all over the world are doing! & isn’t it a nice feeling knowing that in many countries you visit you will already have an amazing local friend to show you around? I also often find that because you meet so many like-minded people while travelling when you do possibly meet up with them again they are going to introduce you to an entire bunch of awesome like-minded people, people that are often hard to find in everyday life. 

Embrace every moment & emotion while you’re travelling and I bet the positives will heavily outweigh the negatives!


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