The Volcanoes of Nicaragua

So I have developed a pretty serious crush on volcanoes.
For its small size Nicaragua has a lot of volcanoes, 19 with 8 active! I have currently explored 9 and each is so very different!

Cerro Negro

This is Nicaraguas only Cinder Cone volcano which also happens to be the worlds most active Cinder Cone volcano! Cerro Negro is also the only place in the world you can do Volcano Boarding! In english Cerro Negro means ‘black hill’ and from the picture below you can see where it got its name. The hike up only takes about 1 hour and provides breathtaking views on a clear day!

Volcan Telica

Telica is the only volcano in Nicaragua where you can see magma almost all year round! You can do a one or two day hike up Telica. Fun fact: Telica has been erupting for the past 3 weeks! I got to see it erupt three times from Cerro Negro

Volcan Masaya and Ninja

You can either drive to the top of these or do a 6km walk! The five craters are beautiful with lots of sulphur filling the air!

Volcan El Hoyo and El Plias

This was defiantly the most beautiful hike I have ever done. I did the hike with Quetzaltrekkers a non for profit hiking company. It was a long but easy hike with stunning views. Once you climb around El hoyo you will see a sink hole which is 80m wide! The you can hike to the crater from which you can see a number of different volcanos in the north and south! After that we hiked down to lagoon asasosca which was remote and a great place to end a hike!

Laguna De Apoyo

No longer active, this old volcanic crater is filled with a lagoon. Some great places to stay on the water from where you can go kayaking, swimming, tubing etc. So relaxing and because of how the crater is shaped you feel like you’re the only one in the crater!

Volcan Cosiguina

Cosiguina has the most violent eruption in Nicaraguan history. It is now dormant and the crater is filled with a lake. From the crater you are able to see into El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua! But be warned; hiking around the crater is more difficult than it appears! See my latest blog post about my adventure to cosiguina!

Volcan Momotombo

Arguably the hardest hike in Nicaragua! It was only a day however it was tough! The last four hours is at a 45 degree angle with no shade pretty much climbing up loose rubble and boulders! We even had to get on our hands and knees at some points!


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