The worlds greatest backpacker job!

So I arrived back in Leon with the hopes to stay for another three months, unsurprisingly this quickly turned into an extra 6 months. Why you ask? Well I had the opportunity to become a volcano boarding tour guide!

Volcano boarding…what the heck is that? Volcano boarding is walking up the back of a 720m high Cinder Cone volcano and sliding down the opposite face of it on a piece of wood resembling a toboggan!

You can reach speeds of up to 95km per hour me it has been rated number two on CNN’s thrill seekers bucket list. It is definantly an experience not for the weak hearted but as I discovered everyone wants to give it a go, because por que no?! 

So that is what I have been doing for the past 6 months, 5-7 times per week and it has been incredible. Each day I get to meet between 15-60 new travellers who each have their own story to tell and each react in a different way when we arrived at the volcano. “Wow it’s steeper than I thought” “We have to walk all the way up the rest?!” 

Let me tell you some quick fun facts about Cerro Negro. It is the worlds most active cinder come volcano with 23 eruptions! It is also the only cinder cone volcano in Nicaragua. More over in 2001 Eric Barrone broke the mountain bike land speed record with 172kmph! (However he did crash breaking almost every bone in his body!)

So come and visit me at Bigfoot hostels for the tour of a lifetime!

Viva la Vida!


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