Costa Rica – Panama

Our stay in Costa Rica was very short, after an interesting day of travel we arrived in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast. A new travel family had been formed!We spent a few nights here at Rocking J’s hostel. Our days consisted of beaches, bicycling and drinking…what’s new! The weather was quite horrible while we were there, it rained constantly which was a bit of a downer but the town itself was still beautiful. Our bike ride along the beach road was definantly the highlight.

We entered Panama on the last day of October, Halloween. We arrived in Bocas Del Toro to discover that it was also Panamanian Independence Weekend, so accomodation options were limited. The islands only ATM also appeared to be out of money…but as usual everything worked out and we found ourselves staying on Isla Careneros in a very chill hostel. Bocas is an island which sucks you in, our 4 days quickly turned into 10. Parties, ladies nights, island hopping and new friends ensured that we had an excellent time. It was time to say goodbye to Dylan, Camila, Jenny, Joe and Henry, our travel family was splitting up.

However, I was reunited with Natacha and we met some awesome other people who we ended up leaving bocas with, next stop Lost&Found Hostel. We decided after a solid few weeks of partying it was time for a break, and where better to do that than in a cloud forest! We went canyoning, hiking, treasure hunting and cooked a lot of family dinners! Ryder, Natacha and I said goodbye to our travel companions in search of the west coast. Ryder also cancelled her ticket home soooo no Panama City for us!

Santa Catalina is a small beach town and just off the coast is Isla Coiba an old prisoner island which is now a natural reserve and an excellent spot for diving. The town contains one long street which all shops, restaurants and hotels. After finding a cheap as chips hotel, private room! We went and surprised Raf and Khalyani who were working at a resturant, hotel there! Such an excellent reunion, we spent a week there with them relaxing and detoxing. Traveling with natacha was perfect, we both eat nonstop and enjoy cooking, my stomach was very satisfied each day. Ryder and I also decided to go diving on Isla Coiba one day, wow. Coiba is on the same trench as Galapogas Islands which means the wildlife is just incredible, not to mention the waters were extremely clear and the beaches were white sand. It was an amazing day! 

All in all Panama was incredible. But it was time to return home to Nicaragua.


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  1. Wow Ash. A wonderful time, as usual. I guess the rain was the reason for no photos of the colourful houses in Costa Rica

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