The Nicaraguan South

When: late November 2014
Where: Laguna De Apoyo, Granada and San Juan Del Sur
Cool people we met: Jenny, Camila & Dylan, Joe & Henry, Bec & Candice

The next few posts will feature my sister, Ryder, who flew 40 hours from Australia to meet me here in Central America for a month…but she got sucked in too and cancelled her ticket!
Anyway. After spending a week in Leon we headed south. The first stop was Laguna De Apoyo, this is a beautiful lagoon in an old volcanic crater, very untouched and very little development in the area. We stayed at an awesome hostel called Paradiso where we spent our days swimming, kayaking and tubing in the fresh water crater and by night we would play cards and charades. This was the most relaxing place I have been to in Nicaragua and the scenery was just incredible.
Next we spent a day in Granada which is an old colonial town, very pretty and tourist friendly. Defiantly try the local speciality of bigarron.
Then it was off to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua’s biggest party location. On arrival we went up to Casa De Olas, our hostel on the hill. Great location overlooking the bay, an infinity pool and an awesome crew of people. No matter where I was the next few days I just kept running into people who had stayed at bigfoot, it was pretty awesome. We had some fun party night and the beaches were awesome, I recommend Maderas. Then the day came, Sunday Funday…if you haven’t heard of it (or seen the tshirts) it is a pool crawl with hundreds of other travellers with your main goal being to get f!&ked up. I cracked my first beer at 8:30. I then went to visit Natacha at the place she was staying on the hill. Together we went to the first location, Pelican Eyes, then to Naked Tiger and finally to Pacha Mama. To be honest the day is a bit of a blur due to the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed but it was fun. At $30 it is ridiculously overpriced for what it is, but it is a fun day and something that you can spurge on.

And that was it for Nicaragua. After almost two months in this awesome country I was saying goodbye…but only for 3 weeks!






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