Getting Stuck

When: September 8 – October 19 2014
Where: Léon, Nicaragua
Cool people I met: Nina, Felix, Darcy & Matt, Angus & Matt, Matan, Alan, Randy, Julia and the entire team at Bigfoot (who I’ll mention soon)

It all happened very quickly. I arrived at Bigfoot Hostel in Leon Nicaragua on the Monday and on the Tuesday I had committed to six weeks of volunteering. Initially I was a bit nervous to start considering it looked like all the other volunteers were already pretty close. However, after a week or so I felt part of the family and was partaking in girls days at the beach and weekend trips with some of the other volunteers. Now I am so stuck that after travelling with my sister I will be returning to Leon for another 3 months. I should have known hostel work would get the better of me.
Plus, Leon is absolutely incredible, I don’t know what it is about this city but it just sucks people in!

So what exactly have I done for the past six weeks in Leon?
Drink… A lot.
Working hard or hardly working.
Volcano Boarding, yep you read that right!
La Playa for our ‘girls’ days (we are a bit un-ladylike)
Get Up Stand Up Surf Competiton
Attempts to improve my spanish…que paso!
Estelli…gotta see what it’s like to get drunk in another city!
The treehouse, a solo getaway and a must see hostel
The Treehouse Fullmoon Party, where the crazy people came to play
Pan e Paz. A delicious french bakery
The Cathedral, museums and street food
Festivals galore! Nicaraguans celebrate everything
An earthquake and Tsunami warning
Chameleon, Bohemios and Oxygen, the night scene
San Juan food markets
Alex Gym, a gym and sauna in one
Meet a shit tonne of awesome people

My bigfoot family is amazing!
– Laura, Shahar, Sharina, Tom, Oscar, Khalyani, Rafa, Luke, Lynz, Natacha, Clinton, Chris, Doreen, Asa – all the other volunteers
– Mariela, Gloria, Blanca, Chris, Nestor, Vidal, Romero, Jessica, Sylvia – cooks/cleaners/reception
– Cadi, Cleo and Tim – our owners
– Rach, Gunther, Paul and Marcos – Get Up Stand Up workers
– Echo, Hank and Frank – our resident dog and two kittens

I live/work/party/hang out with this crew and it has been amazing. From watching Rafa come back waster from the cock fights with a go pro on his head, our international food night, cooking amazing carrot muffins with Laura, watching Tom do the lava shot challenge, hand washing clothes with sharina, celebrating Nicaraguan Independence Day, long talks with khalyani, gyms dates and many hilarious drunk nights it has all been incredible and some of the best times in my trip. I feel so lucky to have become apart of this crew.

If you ever have the chance to volunteer at a hostel, DO IT!
It always you to settle down, really see a town, save some money and meet so many great people!

P.s. Shameless Plug: Come visit us at Bigfoot, we’ll show you a good time!






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