Welcome to Austin ya’llllll

When: 7th – 12th August 2014
Where:Austin, Texas
Cool people I met:Nate, Kris, Chris, Michael, Hannah, Wakeena, Maddy, Andrew

So Mitch (who I met in Peru) lives in Austin and invited me to a party he was having. I thought ‘oh imagine if I could go, that’d be rad’ turns our flights were cheap enough and I had nothing at all holding me back ahh the nomadic life. Vandana was in full support and her push of encouragement led me to booking a flight. So three days after I booked the flight I was off!
I arrived in Austin bright and early on a Friday morning and when I stepped out of the airport I immediately knew that this was my kind of city. I mean 40 degrees and humid, YAY WARMTH! Mitch picked me up with his super cute puppy Leila and took me back to his house which is in the west of UT (university of Texas). Crashed out for a nap because overnight flights are not so comfy to sleep on and when I woke up Mitch said his friends Wakeena and Maddy were going to come pick me up….and that’s where my fun filled days in Austin began.

Day One:
Wakeena and Maddy picked me up in the early afternoon and took me thrifting…I’ve been to a lot of thrift stores before but nothing compared to this. A huge warehouse full of bins with clothes which you have to search through to find things and all for only $1.39 a pound! Fair to say we spent a few hours there. Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant for margaritas and dinner. Following that we saw a blues grass band perform and then went to a coop party…true Texan experiences! Finally it was time to attended the party that I had flown down for. I got there and this was a true American college party! Red cups, kegs, beer pong, swimming, American accents everywhere. It was a blast!

Day Two:
Mitch lives with four boys, I finally met them all on Saturday morning and we made pancakes…attempted anyway. Luckily for me the boys have a pool so we swam for hours in the heat of the day. That afternoon Mitch, Hannah, Nate, Leila and I went on an adventure. First stop was castle hill which provides a nice view of the city and is an open gallery with artists spraying walls everywhere. Then it was food time, more Rita’s and Tex Mex. More swimming followed at the greenbelt which is an offshoot of the Colorado River. Everyone loved Leila and she was having a ball on her first outing. Chilled out there until it got too dark and then we headed to Mount Bonnell which give you an awesome view of Austin and it was nighttime which made it even more magical. Austin nights are one of a kind.

Day Three:
Austinites love brunch, they call anything brunch and it seems to run all day. Mitch, Leila and I brunched at Cherrywood Cafe and then we picked up Andrew and went to Alamo Theatre to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, apparently American cinemas are not like Aussie cinemas at all! I sat down in one of the comfiest chairs ever, had a table in front of me and a waiter bring me a menu which I could order off anytime during the movie! It’s what I imagine olden day cinemas to be like and it was awesome! After the movie Mitch and I went home where Chris was playing some electronic music so what else was there to do than have a dance party? We brand out strobe lights (yeah it was still light outside) and jumped around for hours. When kris and Nate got home they even joined it….rad. I am so lucky to have met such awesome people! That night Dee, who I met in Cancun picked Mitch and I up and we went to Gordoughs Donuts which is a shop where they put everything on a donut! Diabetes and Heaven on a plate. It was great to see Dee again. The fact I can meet up again with all these people I have met travelling this year is just amazing.

Day Four:
Living with boys is not so great for the waistline haha. Brunch time burgers at Burger Tex were delicious though. That afternoon Mitch, Leila and I went swimming at Barton Springs and drove through SoCo for a rad city view. That night Wakeena, Maddy, Nate, Mitch, Chris, Leila and I went to Spiderhouse for dinner and drinks it was a rad little spot and we chilled there for a few hours. Then we went and brought beers (from a convenience store…crazy!) and donuts and went home. We also watched some more of this show called High Maintenance which is pretty hilarious.

Day Five:
Today was fly out day but before I left there was one more thing I had to do…try Texas BBQ! Mitch, Chris and I went to a BBQ place and I loaded up a plate with meats, potato salad, coleslaw and cobbler…stuffed. But it was so so gooood! Then it was back home to pack and head off to the airport. Gee Austin was awesome, what a fun five days with so many amazing new people. I’m a lucky gal.






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