Americas most Hipster city

When:13th – 14th August 2014
Where: Portland, Oregon
Cool people I met: The brother family, Matt, Esod and Rexine

Portland is a city which had been recommended to me by a number of people I have met throughout my travels. With only two days to check it out I knew I was going to have to choose a select few things to do.
This also marks my first couchsurfing experience! I was lucky enough to have an amazing time with the Brother Family which consisted of Kerrianne, Ed and their four kids Vesper (6), Layth (11), Caleb (18) and Addison (20). I cannot reccommend couchsurfing enough it is a great way to meet new people and let them show you around their city or show them around yours!
The first day Addison took me to a food cart pod, powells books, PSU and what’s the scoop (yep more icecream). Food cart pods are everywhere in Portland and they’re such a great, cheap, quick lunch option! That night another three couchsurfed from Louisville, Kentucky arrived so we all ate dinner together and chatted about a range of things. Two of the other CS’s were from Iran, which was very interesting.
The next day the Kentuckians and I went downtown together and walked around a lot of the city, we saw pioneer square, voodoo donuts, Chinatown, SW 23rd street, Hawthorn District, Portlania, PSU and what’s the scoop (again). It was an action packed day of city strolling. I really like Portland even though I only saw a little of it, the city was funky with lots of things to do, public transit was easy & cheap, no tax on anything and the surroundings were amazing. Next time I go back I would love to do some of the great hiking they have in the area. The scenery was just stunning. As for the hipster aspect, yep, portland certainly was super hipster which was great for me as I found good coffee!






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