Vancouver – My Second Home

When: 17th June – 6th August 2014
Where: Vancouver and Victoria, British Colombia

So I have spent the few weeks hanging out in Vancouver (chasing summer!). I have some family who lives here and I got to stay with them which was awesome as I don’t get to see them a whole lot so it was nice to spend some real time with them. The first day I arrived in Vancouver I walked down Commercial Drive and immediately realised how much I LOVED van and every day I just grew to love it more, this city really does feel like my home away from home.
So what did I do here in Vancouver? (Yeah, I joined another gym)

Lynn Canyon: This is in North Vancouver but was only about an hour away by bus from east van where I was staying. I arrived and walked across a small suspension bridge which was pretty cool, I then walked down to twin falls and the hiked back up to the 30 ft pool. The forest was so beautiful and the waterfalls were just amazing. I braved a swim but it was way too cold…hello glacier water!


Gastown: This is a very hip area in Vancouver with a lot of cool bars, restaurants, shops and cafes. I walked around a few times and tried out a few different coffee shops. We also went out there one Saturday night.

Downtown and Stanley Park: Van is a rad city and so easy to get around. The downtown area obviously has a lot of businesses. There are also a lot of food trucks lining streets and Robson Square is a nice area in which no cars go through so you can just hang out and eat your street food in peace. Now not far from downtown is Stanley Park which is massive, bigger than central park actually! I didn’t walk around the whole thing, but quite a bit of it. Walking along the sea wall is lovely, there are also totem poles, art features, salmon pond and an aquarium alll tucked away in there.


Grandville Island: I found Grandville Island pretty touristy but none the less it was cool. There is a big public market where you can by all sorts of goodies. A big square to watch the activity in the harbor and to check out any buskers trying there luck. Grandville also has an awesome brewery. To get to and from the mainland you can take the little tug boat style vehicles which are a lot of fun and a great way to ride through the harbour


North Vancouver Markets: Checked out these markets which run every Friday night in the summertime, they were not massive but had a nice selection of stalls and a whole bunch of
food trucks!

Hike to Holyburn Peak: One lovely Saturday my uncle took me to climb up Cyprus mountain. It is on north van and you get a lovely view from the top. The hike was not to strenuous and took us about 3 hours in total. We ate lunch at the top and enjoyed looking over Vancouver. It was really nice.


Ate a lot of food: So I ate a lot of great food while I was here, sushi, pho, ice cream, sweets, so many berries, organic vegetables yum yum yum

Relaxed and watched TV: I really got into Orange Is The New Black and Friday Night Lights while I was in Vancouver, it was great on days I was hungover or when I felt like doing nothing.

Turned 21: July 28th is my birthday and because of the time difference my birthday ran for 41 hours! Woo. On the sunday morning, my Australian birthday, my aunty and uncle surprised me with cupcakes…yum! Then on the monday, my real birthday, I met up with Seamus and his friends and we went to Tacofino for Margarita Monday and tacos. Then we had more drinks back at the boys place until La finished work then we all went to the Charlatan, it was awesome I had a really good time.

Victoria, Vancouver Island: Miko and Linds who I met on Utila live on Victoria sooo one day I went over to visit. Getting from DT van to Tswassen Bay (ferry terminal) is a long process, but I made it and the ferry was so worth it, the 1.5 hour ride was amazing! Victoria is a gorgeous old colonial town, the harbor is beautiful and they have a bunch of boutique shops. I walked around in the afternoon and then met the girls in front of the Fairmont Empress Hotel which is quite famous. We walked to PIG and had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, then we went to Rock Mountaineer and got their homemade gelato, so good! After that they drove me up the coast and I got to look at the amazing scenery and all the cool old houses. The girls live in Sidney so we spent the night there catching up, watching shes the man and eating popcorn.



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