Speechless in Seattle

When: 2nd – 4th August 2014
Where: Seattle, Washington

So I have been in Vancouver for the past few weeks (blog to come) and decided to make a trip to Seattle to visit my friend Ted, you may remember him from my blog about Peru! So Saturday morning I caught a bus down. 4 hours, beautiful scenery and an easy border crossing.
Arrived in the international district at about 6pm where I met Ted. We walked around downtown seattle for about an hour I saw a large navy ship which was docked for fleet week and the first ever Starbucks! For dinner we went to a great authentic Mexican restaurant in Ballard, I had my first legal drink in the USA…woo! After woods we went to bar close by for some drinks and met up with Teds friends. Ended up going home about 1:30am, was a fun evening. The next day was jam packed! After getting ready we caught the bus down to Pikes Place Market which are a massive public market. There was so much going on! So many different kinds of stalls, so many people and so many samples. We tried a highly recommended place called Piroshki Piroshki which is Russian pasties, boy were they delicious. We saw the famous fish throwers and the gum wall which really is just a wall in an alley way with millions of pieces of gum! Got some homemade fresh Greek yogurt and continued strolling through the market. We also tried the crumpet shop which makes many kinds of crumpets…yum! Then it was time to leave downtown and head to the Spaceneedle. We brought tickets but had to wait 2 hours before we could go up so to kill time we walked around Seattle Place. Honest tea was giving out free organic root beer floats, there was a military air show happening and also a water fountain timed to music which you could run around underneath…awesome. At 3:30pm we headed up the space needle and got an awesome 360 view of the city from 520 feet up! Then it was dinner time. We went back to the U district to a great Greek resturant. Afterwords we picked up the car and drove to Gasworks Park which is an old gasworks station converted into a park on the water which gives a great city view! Then we headed to Molly Moons for icecream, boy oh boy was this icecream store good! After we devoured double scoops we went to the Fremont troll and then to Golden Gardens Park which is a marina and beach. The sun was setting over the mountains which was just gorgeous and people were all up the beach holding bonfires!
Yep, it was a busy time in Seattle but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was an amazing city with a lot of great things to offer. I would definanty return!











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  1. we were in Seattle last month and had a blast, going to Molly Moons was on my list of things to do, but I am so sad we never made it there! Great photos 🙂

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