Country Canada

When: June 14th – July 14th 2014
Where: Airdrie, Calgary, Sylvan, Olds and Canmore, Alberta, Canada
People I met: Mel, Tabatha, Greg, Kritie, Joey, James, Clint, Rich, Dave & Sarah, Vin, Kevin & Denise, Laurie, Cam, Orlando, Ryan, Corey, Kristie, Phil, Kieran, Libby

For the next month I would be staying with my old boss and good friend Steve Jevne. He had a house in Airdrie which is just north of Calgary. Weird feeling to have my own room, a fridge full of food and unlimited hot showers. Also the thought of being in one place for a whole month was strange. When I arrived it was raining and 11 degrees for a whole week…isn’t this summer? Well apparently not, I was informed that Summer actually begins on June 23rd on the day of the summer solstice. But summer came and the weather was amazing for my last few weeks!
Fun fact about me…I love the gym. If I was to be here for a month I needed to join a gym, oh how I missed lifting weights! I joined Genesis Place for $70 a month, hands down the best gym I have ever been to, it had everything and more…plus apparently in summertime Canadians hate gyms so it was very empty! Converting from kilos to pounds was weird, but after a few weeks I got my strength and fitness level back to a respectable level. I also brought protein, could I be more lame?
So what did I do for a month?

– Standard Tap: This is the local bar in Airdrie and Steve and I spent many nights there having beverages.
– Costco and Walmart:…had to check them out!

– Yahtzee and The Dice Game: So many hours spent on the patio playing dice games

– West Edmonton Mall: May not be the biggest Mall in the world anymore but it was still pretty cool to check out

– Canada Day: 1st July is Canada day so we went and watched the parade and ate way too much food.
– Wing Night: Gotta do it, this is the place of wings!

– Airdrie Beer and Wine Festival: Steve is a muso and he was playing here, so we spent the night with his friends playing music and going around getting a lot of free alcohol samples. Sriracha Vodka…this country knows me too well.

– Airdrie Pro Rodeo: So Alberta is the country, I wasn’t really aware of this until I arrived. Here people dress like cowboys everyday! Also they love rodeos, so we checked out the Airdrie rodeo but it was raining so we didnt see too much.

– Outdoor World/Bass Pro Shops: The biggest camping/hunting store I have ever been to. Dead stuffed animals all over the place, guns for sale and a whole bunch of cool camping things! Plus Salt Water Taffy, yum!

– Dinner, drinks and Clubbing with Kristen: I met Kristen on UItila and she lives in Calgary so it was awesome to be able to hang out with her again for a while. We did dinner at a greek restaurant, drinks at Ship and Anchor and then on one of my last nights in Calgary she invited me to her boys surprise party at National Rooftop Patio I met a whole bunch of new people it was so much fun, later in the night we went to Hifi Club and partied till early hours of the morning.

– Steves half birthday: Steve loves celebrating his half birthday haha. So we had drinks at this Ship and Anchor which is a rad bar in Calgary then later in the evening we all went to Buenosare. I got to meet up with Kate (she lived in Aust for a bit) so awesome!

– Canmore: One day mel messaged me and said ‘lets go adventuring’ I was stoked. Mel is pretty much one of the raddest Canadians ever! So she picked me up and we cruised to Canmore to go hiking. We hiked a path called grassi lakes. It was the most amazing hike I have ever done, oh my it was beautiful! We went off the path and went underneath the waterfalls, we had snacks by the lake and tried to go swimming in the mini lakes but it was waaaay too cold. The view we had on the mountain was amazing and the whole track was unreal. After we hiked we went into Canmore and grabbed some dinner, then on the way home we stopped at Cochrane for McKays Icecream which is pretty famous and for good reason, it was so good!

– Hangs with Ryan: I met Ryan about 2 years ago in Japan! He lived north of Airdrie so one day he came and picked me up to hang. We drove up through country land in his sweet jeep, got lunch at a cool little place and then we went for drinks in the evening with his friends. It was a fun time! So nice to be able to see all these people I’ve met in other places again!

– Watched a lot of suits: So in my down time I wasn’t sure what to do soooo I watched suits..every episode I could. What a great show, if you havent watched it I suggest you do!

– The Calgary Stampede: This is the greatest outdoor show on earth! It is set right in downtown calgary and is massive! It is like a massive fair with a rodeo involved. I went with Steve and mel, we walked around looking at all the stalls, I held a chicken (this is a big deal for me), mel and I ate deep fried cookie dough (ermahgawd!), had drinks in a beer garden, went to indian village and yah! It was fun to dress up like a cowgirl for the day.

– My final day in Alberta: Mel picked me up for another adventure! We firstly went to superstore and grabbed snacks, lunch and floaties. Then we drove up to Sylvan lake which is a small town on a massive lake where a lot of people go in the summer. We blew up our donuts and floated in the water (freezing water mind you), sunbathed, ate food and just chilled out for hours. When it got a bit colder we headed back towards Airdire. On the way we stopped at a big Canola field to take photos, Mel then left her phone there…lucky we realised soon after and got it back! Once we got back to airdrie we got ready and headed into Calgary. Mel took me to Julios Bario in Kensington (coolest suburb in calgary). It is a mexican restaurant where it was Margarita Monday…arrrrribbbaa! After we finished there we drove to phil/kierans house to have a fire and make s’mores! Oh my s’mores where have you been all my life! It was a perfect day to end my time in Alberta.

And that folks, was my time in Alberta!


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