My Travel Bucket List

I want to see the whole world, even places I don’t know about. I have this burning desire to see as many places as I can before I inevitably bite the dust. Sometimes this open mindset is a good thing as it leads me to new places I never would have thought of going to. While other times it leaves me stressed and feeling like there is too much to see in such a short amount of time. Then I step back and realise I am only 20 (21 in two weeks) and I have plenty of time left to see what the world has to offer.
But none the less I have decided to write a travel bucket list of the places that I would most like to go to. (Not in any real order)

1. India, Myanmar + Nepal
I have wanted to go to India for quite sometime, I am so intrigued by everything to do with the place. I don’t know quite so much about Nepal but I would like to see Everest. And as for Myanmar I missed out on it when I went to South East Asia but have heard great things! However, I am a little afraid to go being a young, tall, white, blonde female. So any big burly men out there feel free to volunteer and become my body guard!

2. Nicaragua
So when I ventured off to Coachella everyone I knew was heading to Nicaragua. I don’t regret going to coachella one bit (refer to previous post: coachella – one of the best weekends of my life) but now I want to go to nica so badly it almost hurts. I am in luck though, flights from NY-Managua are $180 so after I finish in PA for the second time I might pop on down!

3. Egypt + Morocco
Who doesn’t want to see the great pyramids? Who doesn’t want to experience the relatively untouched culture of Northern Africa? I do realise that these places are not the safest but nowhere is, so why let that hold one back?

4. Colorado, Portland, Austin, New Orleans
When most 21 year olds plan their trips to the states they go to LA, Vegas etc well I am not most 21 year olds. I know people in these places which is half the reason I want to go but the other half is because these places have some stunning landscapes, funky towns and New Orleans has the madrigras!

5. Brazil
Carnivale, the amazon…do I need to say more?

6. Eastern Europe
Including but not limited to: Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro. I loved Western Europe and what I saw of Croatia so I am sure I will love Eastern Europe. I want to sail through the seas, drink Turkish tea, eat a lot of milka and experience what this part of the world has on offer.

7. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
I never really wanted to go here until I met and travelled with some amazing people from these countries who have convinced me that Scandinavia is awesome.

9. Bora Bora
Well I plan for my honeymoon to be there sooooo of course it’s included in this list. (Note: i have no plans to get married within the next decade so this could take a while)

10. Outback Australia
I have been to almost Australian States but have not experience the big red, the outback and I would love to. I can’t go travelling the world and then ignore my own back yard!

So there we have it, those are the places that at this exact moment in my life I most want to go to. If anyone wants a travel partner I will do everything I can do go on another trip.
As for the places I have been to and I would go back to, here they are: Canada, Germany, Croatia, Guatemala, Utila, Mexico, Spain, Japan




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