IT’S CANADA….again

When: 14th June – Sometime in July
Where: Airdrie/Calgary, Alberta, Canada

So I am back in the land of poutine, hockey and cold weather! They tell me in the northern hemisphere it is summer time, however, it has been about 11-16 degrees in the day and raining! Cold weather is just following me.
For the moment I will be residing in Airdrie with my friend Steve. We are going to do a bunch of touristy things like museums, science centers, go to Edmonton, eat wings, eat poutine etc I am pretty excited for the Calgary Stampede which starts on July 4, it is a 10 day party from what I hear. I will also be here for Canada Day, more party!
Currently deciding what to do with my life, should I stay in Canada for a long period of time or head back into central america where the sun is (hopefully) shinning!? Hard life decisions I know. If anyone wants to tell me what I should do, please go ahead, I clearly can’t make my own mind up.


3 thoughts on “IT’S CANADA….again

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  1. What an amazing time you are having Ash. Something you will remember for the rest of your life. Stay safe and continue to keep us posted on your travels. Love you xxx

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