Copacabana Bolivia (not Brazil)

When: 5th – 6th June 2014
Where: Copacabana, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Today we said goodbye to Peru and hello Bolivia! This was probably the easiest border crossing I have ever done in my life, no questions just checked the passport and in you go. The bus ride from Cusco was overnight, but it wasn’t too bad, we had semi-cama which meant our seats reclined a lot and had big leg rests. This was also the first bus ride which wasn’t freezing, yay!
Lake Titicaca is the largest high altitude lake in the world, sitting at 3812 m above sea level. Yep it was cold and hard to breathe up here, but the view was spectacular. Sapphire blue waters for as far as the eye can see, lined by green mountains along the side and the bay was filled with tiny old boats. The first afternoon we just strolled around the tiny town, it was very cute but undergoing a lot of underground sewerage construction so it took away from its charm a little. For dinner we stumbled across an old lady making all her food in two big woks, for 9 Bolivianos ($1.5) we got rice, carrot, beetroot, a schnitzel and an egg on top! It was one of my favourite street food meals so far! In the centre of town that night there was some big celebration going on for the 6th of June, the locals partied the night away and the next morning had a big parade where everyone was dressed up, marching and cheering. We never found out what it was for but it was great to experience. The next day we climbed the San Cristobal mountain, not an easy feat in this altitude. Josh and I made it to the top and as usual, the view made the walk worth it! We came back down and had a little picnic lunch of avocado and sriracha sandwhiches then jumped on a bus and headed for the capital (well one of them).

Please note these are not my photos, I can’t get mine off my camera!





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