A sneaky trip to the America’s sunshine state

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, America
When: 13th June 2014

So the cheapest way to get to Calgary was to fly to FLL, stay a night and then fly out the next morning. I arrived in FLL quite early so Brian (A guy from singapore I met in Lima) and I went and grabbed Dennys for breakfast. I then walked to Chocolate House and Hostel and waited for the office to open. They let me check in early, yay! These rooms were awesome, my dorm had a separate bathroom, kitchen and lounge room all with air conditioning! After settling in I decided to get ready and walk down to the beach, oh it was a glorious day outside abuot 30 degrees and sunny…this alone made me so happy. I walked about 45 minutes and arrived at a white sand, clear blue water beach! It was like being at home. I took a dip in the water then spent a while just laying on the beach. Walked back, and stopped at Chipotle for lunch. Hung out at the hostel for the afternoon, grabbed a quick dinner then went to bed early as I had to be at the airport at 4:30am the next day. Fort Lauderdale is full of rich retirees, the amount of nice houses and expensive cars is out of control, not to mention the hundreds of yachts crusing through the harbour.
Such a nice way to spend a transit day!


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