The infamous Medellin

Where: Medellin, Colombia
When: 14th – 17th May
People I met: Josh & Ashley (Australia), Jorge (Colombia)

We were sad to be leaving Manizales, but excited to see what Medellin had in store. We caught a collectivo for 4 hours and arrived in Medellin in rush hour, so getting a cab to the hostel was not fun. We stayed at Arcadia hostal in Pablado. On arrival we wer shown to our 12 bed dorm, which was literally like a dungeon haha, we all were stuck with top bunks which were the tallest bunks I`ve seen yet! Sara could not work out how to get down and I was in tears watching, but she made it down. We decided to try Colombian cusine for dinner, it was cheap and I guess you get what you pay for because we did not enjoy it at all! So to make ourselves feel better we went to Crepes a Waffles and all ordered icecream sundaes, it made our night much better. 
We went geocacheing one day and found our first ever geocache! WOO! It was a very exciting moment, we also went to the botanical gardens, the main plaza, a few churches and a couple of smaller squares and parques. As per usual we spent a lot of time in the Exito, this one was massive, the biggest we have seen to date! The streets of Medellin were nice, lots of cute places and fancy restaurants, also a lot of shopping areas. Would be nice to come here with some more money. Medellin is known for being the place of Pablo Escobar, but it has a bad rep, because the city was beautiful and safe!
Medellin is also renouned for its night life, so on Thursday we got dressed up and hit the town with our new colombian friend Jorge. We heard about a place called Babylon which was apparently the most popular place on a Thursday because for 10,000 pesos you got an open bar until 1:30am! We arrived and it was packed, after getting our first drink we found a table and got a bottle of rum. The club was cool, a lot bigger and better than anything on the Gold Coast haha. We got sick of sitting at the table so we made our way down to the dancefloor, then Sara and Rio ran into Ashley and Josh, two aussie boys they met in La Paz. We we partied with them. I made dance friends with lots of Colombians who tried to teach me to salsa, they are the most amazing dancers! At one point, I even got pulled up on the bar by the MC and danced, in front of a packed club…no shame haha. We made friends with some mexican guys and girls who invited us into their VIP booth where we drank and danced on chairs. Once the club closed at 330 we kicked on in Farenheight, another club a few minutes away by cab. Not too many people there but the music was good and the layour of the club was nice. We decided to finally make our way home and when we got outside we realised it was sunrise, always good to come home with the sun. We caught a metro back then made the hike to our hostel. Luckily we were in the dungeon because it allowed us to sleep well into the afternoon the next day. Safe to say the next was not eventful, all we did was eat and watch movies.
Medellin nightlife did not dissapoint!


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