Don’t Miss Bogota!

Where: Bogoa, Colombia
When: 7th – 10th May 2014
People I Met: Josh (America), Sara & Rio (England), Tom (England), the ‘lads’ (England)

So the night before I left for Bogota I decided I would sleep in the airport to 1)save money, 2)for the experience. It wasn’t too bad at all, just cold! I had a nice bench to lay on and felt safe because there were airport workers everywhere. I checked in at 4:30am, had my first drama buying a oneway ticket, lady made me buy a return ticket but ensured that I would be refunded as soon as I arrived in Colombia. Flew to FLL first, changed planes and then it was goodbye USA and hello COLOMBIA! First time into South America, I have now hit all the continents apart from Antartica! On arrival I met a nice American guy, Josh, who also had the same problem with return tickets. After much confusion we finally got our refund. He didn’t have a hostel so we shared a cab to the hostel I had arranged. The city was very busy and so big I couldn`t believe it. I found out that Josh was going to cycle around South America, crazy haha! We arrived at the hostel. check in and then got the tour. Hostal Martinik seemed nice. I met two english girls, Rio and Sara, we ended up chatting then taking a stroll to the local Exito (supermarket) to grab some food. We came back and made spaghetti then planned out the next few days. Nice to meet people who want to cook, Colombia is also a lot more expensive than Central America!
So apparently it rains all the time in Bogota, it is also cold, like GC winter cold! But that’s alright, the girls and I made the best fo the next few days. We went to the art gallery of Fernando Botero who is a famous Colombian artist, he is famous as all the people or objects he paints are obese! We went to the Colombian gold museum which was very interesting. We climed Monserrate which is a church on top of a mountain which looks over the whole of Bogota, beautiful view, even though it was very cloudy. 2 hours up hill was a mission, I need to get back to the gym haha. One day we also decided to go geocacheing, we were unsuccessful but we did make it out of La Candelaria (our area) which was nice. We met a nice guy named Tom who hung out with us at night as we huddled in the hostel for warmth. One night we did go out, 4 english boys convinced us and tom to go, so we did. Headed to Zona Rosa which is the club area, goodness it was expensive, it is like going out in the western world! It was a fun night though, dancing to a mix of electronic and salsa or reggaeton music haha. On our last evening at the hostel there was a big BBQ where we got more food than we could eat! 
Bogota is a beautoful city, I meet a lot of travellers who come to Colombia and don’t go there as it has a big city rep, but it was amazing. There was so much history within each building, people were friendly, they closed of Carrera 7 to cars so instead there were markets, street art, street performers etc. Just a great vibe. There were also lots of cool cafes and bars around.


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