One day in NYC

Well it was really a day and a half, but whose counting!
So Shannon’s cousin Anastasia and her dad drove me into NYC and they took me for lunch at Big Nicks where I had my first authentic slice of NY pizza, it was pretty much an entire pizza! Haha. Then I made my way on the subway to my hostel in Astoria, Queens. It was quite late when I arrived so I just walked through the neighbourhood to grab some food then made my way back to the hostel. Queens seems nice, weather was also warmer. Met some cool people at the hostel and just had a quiet night in considering I am underage!
Met up with Anastasia and her Australian friend at a Central Park, just near where John Lennon got shot, we also saw his strawberry fields memorial. They showed me around Central Park, we acted like big kids swinging on swings and blowing bubbles. Central Park is gorgeous, so nice to find tranquility in the middle of the concrete jungle. Anastasia and I got a big NY pretzel (apparently all foods are better and different in New York). Said goodbye to the girls them made my way down through Times Square, Wall Street, City Hall, Supreme Court, New World Trade Centre, Soho district, Little Italy, China town and finally to the Staten Island Ferry. Made my way back to the hostel at dusk and just hung out there with my new German friend playing pool, salsa dancing and planning my South America trip.
NY is like I imagined, big city feel, so many people all hustle bustle, I love it! Had my first real coffee at Happy Bones in Soho and got deliciously cheap street food. The subway system here is amazing, so cheap and it covers everywhere and goes all the time!
And that was my day in New York, it is hard on a budget so I will defiantly be coming back when I have some money!



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