Saving Money and Travelling on a Budget

A lot of people tell me that they could never afford to travel…for the most part I think that is bulls**t. Saving isn’t hard. If you really want to travel you just have to sacrifice a few things to get you there.

– Eat at home, pack a lunch to take to work and stop with all the little snacks!
– Give up alcohol for a little while, or drink less. You can have fun without alcohol and trust me getting drunk in a random location overseas is a lot more fun!
– Stop buying new clothes/jewellery for every event, you can wear the same outfit more than once!
– Limit the amount you drive. Try to walk/ride as many places as you can, petrol is only getting more expensive
– Drink less coffee. I know, that’s a hard one. But if you buy two small coffees a day you are roughly spending $50 on coffee a week! Try just having one a day or having an instant at home.
– Have a long term savings account which you cannot touch. This will help you to stop spur-of-the-moment purchases
– Put away a set amount of money each week (after bills) no matter what. If that means you can’t go out one night on the weekend, so be it, it will be worth it I’m the long run.

Now, you can travel very cheaply. But when setting a budget be realistic, because it also depends on the country/city you are going to! In Central America I was living on $15 a day.
Here are the main ways I save money abroad.
– Have a daily budget. This will help you to be continually thinking about what your spending your money on
– Stay in hostels, who cares how many people are in the room or if you have to share a bathroom, you’ll live and probably make a bunch of friends in the process
– Make sure you hostel has a kitchen and cook for yourself! Eating out 3 times a day becomes expensive no matter where you are in the world so buy ingredients from a local market and do a big cook up!
– Barter! Especially in places like Central America you can barter for anything and everything, just give it a to you have nothing to lose.
– Don’t always book accommodation online. Often when you arrive at a location you will find much cheaper hostels by just walking around the streets
– No matter where you are, pre drink/game. Even though beers may only cost you $2 in a bar you will save a lot in the long run by having a few at home first
– Don’t go overboard with souvenirs. Trust me, you will look back at the thousand things you have brought and think ‘what am I meant to do with this?’
– Take local transportation, it may be longer but it will be cheaper and a fun experience
– Don’t always take guided tours, you can do a lot of things yourself for half the price!

So stop making excuses, book a ticket somewhere and just go!
It will be the best thing you’ve ever done.


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