Coachella – One of the best weekends of my life

When: 16th – 20th April
Where: Palm Springs/Indio
People I met: Gabi&Raf, Dallas&Justin and Diego

So I was leaving central america…it had been an amazing 6 weeks and I was sad to be leaving. I got on my flight from San Pedro Sula – Huston and it was late, therefore I missed my connecting flight to LAX, also in this time my ride to Palm Springs had cancelled. I was not in a good mood and began wondering why I was even leaving central america in the first place. But I made it to an airport hotel where I met back with Jono and Andrew. We ended up finding a cheaper ride than the original one and I began to realise that everything really does work out for the best. Diego, a promoter from LA drove us to our campground in Palm Springs. We set up our 2 tiny tents and had an early night in as to prepare for the weekend ahead.

The Coachella Experience: I didn’t quite know what to expect heading into Coachella, I knew it was going to be HOT in the days, which it was, however, I was not prepared for how cold it was at the night time! Also the dust was pretty crazy, people who went every year knew to bring bandanas so they were not breathing in dust the whole day. The whole thing was amazing though, firstly they obviously have some of the biggest and best music acts, they also have cheap drinks and toilets which always had toilet paper! The vibe at the festival was awesome, everyone shared anything they had with you and there were not too many roided up idiots roaming the place. They had a bunch of awesome tents where you could buy new clothes, have photo shoots, charge your phone, get into aircon, get facepainted etc etc, I understand why people who go every year don’t go solely for the music. Lastly the art their was just awesome, they had the big coachella astronaut which moved around throughout the day, a big robot and a cool structure called the Jedi which lighted up at night time and played chilled out music, there was a big strong of balloons which lit up at night time, there is also big ferris wheel you would see in so many pictures each year and just a bunch of cool arty projects around the place. I honestly had one of the best weekends of my life and being in that environment made me realise so much. If Coachella is not on your bucket list, it should be!

Day One: Woke up to the sun beating down on me and to the buzz of people getting ready for the first day of the festival. I grabbed some breakfast and made friends with Gabi and Raf. Had some drinks by the pool and then headed off to the festival about 1pm. On arrival we went to one of the many promotion booths they have, me and andrew decided to get a photo in a photobooth and when we got out a lady was there with 2 VIP wristbands for us! Andrew then sweet talked her into giving one to Jono…VIP, yeah baby! The first act we saw was A$AP Ferg on the outdoor stage, I made my way to the front with a girl I met in the crowd and we had a blast. Met back with the boys and together we went to the Gobi tent to see Aloe Blacc and then Bastille. Aloe Blacc was awesome, such a happy-go-lucky vibe. Watched Ellie Goulding on the Coachella stage and then headed to the Sahara tent. I LOVE the Sahara tent, it enclosed and always has amazing light shows. We watched the Glitch Mobb who I hadn’t heard of but they were pretty good. We stayed there for Martin Garrix and he was awesome! I stayed on my own to watch Zedd who had one of the best light shows I have seen but then headed to the coachella stage to see Outkast. It was packed down there, so I just hung towards the back…I wasn’t overly impressed with them but they were still good to watch. Finally found the boys and we made our way back to the campsite.

Day Two: Felt surprisingly fresh the next morning, got some breaky and made friends with the guys from the tent next door (Dallas and Justin). Hung out with them all morning and then we all went in together later in the afternoon. First up Kid Cudi…wow I have never seen such an energetic and happy performer, he fed off the crowd and the crowd fed off him it was awesome! We were also quite close to the front. Then came the dreaded 20 minute break between artists, if you wanted to see the next artist and have a good spot you had to stay put and try to move closer. It was not a fun 20 minutes with sweaty people to all sides of you and the afternoon sun relentlessly beating down on you, girls were being carried out over the barriers because they couldn’d deal with it and people were questionning if it was worth the wait. Well it was! MGMT came on and blew my mind, they were incredible I cannot even describe how amazing they were live, all 5 of us were in heaven. After making our way out of the sweaty mob of people we went and watch RL Grime, defiantly what we needed at that point to pump us up before we say Fatboy Slim. Fatboy Slim was exactly as I imagined, awesome. His light show was crazy and the coachella astronaut even came to block off the back of the Sahara tent so you felt like you were inside. After that Justin and I went off to see Queens of the Stone Age, a band I have loved for years. QOTSA were exactly what a rock band should be like, they even did an encore! Pharell was up next and boy did he have a star-studded line up, he brought out TI, Busta Rhymes, the jabbawokez and even Jay-Z! That show was a lot of fun. We hung around that stage after to watch NAS play and he brought out bob marleys son, so cool! Then the festival was over for the day and we met the other boys back at the campsite. Day two was undoubtedly the best day!

Day Three: Last day, also Easter and 420! We didn’t head in until about 3pm this time. First person I wanted to see was Showtek, the other boys didnt want to come so I went alone. I am glad I did, it was such a sweet show and was actually a lot of fun by myself! I was at that show at 4:20pm on 420 so showtek pretty much stopped the show and was like ‘you know what to do, its 4:20’ and two minutes later the sahara tent was covered in smoke! After the show I went through the cryochrome which makes you feel like you are swaying from side to side as you walk through it, so trippy. Then I went to the Do Lab which is a mini stage which provides lots of shade and the people on the stage hose you down. After I had cooled off I went back to the Sahara and watched Alesso, another great show. Met up with all the boys to go and see Calvin Harris, we were nowhere near the front there was so many people, but, it was a lot of fun especially because the whole crowd knew the words to pretty much every song! haha. Then the boys went to grab a beer…yay for being underage…so I just stood to the back of the outdoor stage and watched Lana Del Ray, she was captivating, she has such a beautiful voice! Ran into the boys and we all headed closer to the front to get spots for Disclosure. Disclosure were sensational, I was so impressed, the vibe, the music, the light show, the guests (Mary J Bligh and Sam Smith) all worked perfectly together! Good to finally see an act with the rest of the crew aswell. Last act of the day was Ducksauce, just andrew and I went to that one. Had so much fun, great music to dance to and for the first time ever the you could see inside the sahara tent because their light show was so bright! Great act to finish out the festival. Met back with the other boys and caught the shuttle home.

Wok up the next morning feeling pretty sorry for myself, my body was defiantly starting to catch up with me. Packed up our tent then just hung out with Justin and Dallas until our ride came and grabbed us at midday. Diego kindly stopped for in and out burger on the way back, not that I was too hungry but I knew I needed to eat.He dropped us off at the hotel we had hot showers and for the first time in months I had a double bed to myself. I was not going anywhere that night!



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