MURICA! (america)

When: 26th February – 4th March 2014
Where: Seattle, Laguna Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles

The cheapest way to LA seemed to take the short bus ride from Vancouver to Seattle (3 hours). So the three boys and I spent the night in Seattle, we got to see the Space Needle and much to Dave’s delight we went to a sports bar for dinner. Because I was only 20 and in the USA the legal age is 21 I was back to being a minor…what a weird feeling after having been classed as an adult at home for almost 3 years.
We flew into LA and then jumped in a hire car and drove down the coast. We made a pit stop at Newport Beach for lunch and then arrived at Laguna Beach where we would stay for the evening. Laguna Beach was a lovely area with a nice beach, but, being winter it was too cold to swim or sunbathe. The next day it was pouring with rain, so after we got ready we headed straight to San Diego. With Britney’s help (yes we named out GPS) we arrived in no time. In San Diego we did the typical touristy things: Go to old town, drive around Balboa Park, ate mexican food, discovered downtown & gaslamp quarter and we of course went across to Coronado Island. San Diego was a nice area and I can imagine it would be a lot nicer in the warmer weather!
We headed back to Los Angeles for some more touristing. We met up with Andrew’s mate Tim who would be with us for a while. The first day we walked around Santa Monica and Venice Beach. The next day we drove up the Hollywood Hills and went to the Griffith Observatory. Afterwards we went to hollywood blvd. The whole hollywood area was a bit scummy and most defiantly not as glamorous as they lead you to believe on TV. That night Dave and I went to the Staples Center to watch the LA Kings vs Montreal Canadiens ice-hockey match. What a spectacle that was! Light shows, songs, over-the-top advertising, hockey, passionate fans…it was everything I wanted and more out of a live hockey game! On our last day we decided to take a look at downtown LA, as per my friend Shannons recommendation our first stop was a real coffee shop. We walked around for a few hours but then we had to make our way back towards LAX. For the first time we were stuck in the famous LA traffic, what a fun time. We finally made it and I said my goodbyes to Dave who was heading home. The other boys and I decided to grab dinner and have an early night in because it would probably be out last for a while…



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