When: 16th February – 24th February 2014
Where: Calgary, Fernie and Vancouver
Our first stop was Calgary. We arrived late at night and it was about 2 degrees, which was a big change from the 30+ weather we were having on the Gold Coast. For Andrew and I it was the first time seeing SNOW! How beautiful it was, little did we know it was going to get a thousand times better at our next stop.
In Calgary I was taken out to lunch by a good friend and my old boss, Steve, who had moved back to Calagary a year prior. After lunch he drove the boys and I around the city until it was time for us to catch our shuttle to Fernie. After a long drive we arrived in Fernie, the snow there was incredible, so soft and fresh. We arrived on the best powder week of the season and I was amazed at how much snow fell and how beautiful it was to look at. I was staying with my good friend Bronte and her sister Stef at Red Tree Lodge. For the next few days we hit the slopes. I had never been skiing or snowboarding so luckily I had Bronte, who was a snowboard instructor! At first I was ready to give up it was so hard I could not even stand. But by the third day I was doing runs on my own and turning.  Our days in the snow were a lot more fun than I had expected and I was sad to be leaving after only 4 days.
We returned to Calgary for an evening where I hit the town with Steve and Kate (who I met in Australia). I do not recommend going out in -11 weather in stockings! None the less, we had a fun night, I do love an international reunion.
Then it was off to Vancouver (Just Dave and I, the others would head to Whistler) for some family time! I have an uncle, step-aunt and two cousins who live in the lovely city of Vancouver. We arrived and it was snowing! Unheard of in Vancouver and you could tell because all the vancouverites were freaking out about the snow. The first night we were there my cousin Seamus took us out and we stayed awake all evening so that we could watch the Canadian Mens hockey team win an Olympic gold! For the next few days I got to with my family, eat delicious homecooked meals and relive childhood memories with Allara at La Casa Gelato, an icecream store with 218 flavours! Dave and I also ventured downtown and walked around Stanley Park. We met with Steve for wing night and got to try the famous Canadian dish of Poutine on Commerical Drive.


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