Back to the beach! El Salvador

When: 1st – 4th April 2014
Where: El Tunco
People I Met: Juan-Luc and Simon

The drive from Antigua to El Tunco only took about 5 hours and for half that time we drove a long the beachy coastline! On our shuttle was Teamo who we had met in San Pedro. We all immediately noticed how hot it was here, luckily we were at a beach! I was so excited to see the west coast of the Pacific Ocean considering I live on the east coast of it!
The hostel we chose was La Sombra, it had a pool and was only 2 minutes from the beach! Plus we could have a private room which was a nice change. We walked along the black sand beaches for a while and then we ventured through the small town to find cheap eats. Ended up finding a lady who gave you three popusas for $1! Delicious, filling and cheap. Cooked dinner at the hostel and had an early night. The next morning we caught a chicken bus to La Libertad, the biggest beach town, to grab some groceries from the markets. Spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing by the pool. My body was thanking me for having a few days off drinking.
I often get asked ‘oh you’re Australian…do you surf?’ I cannot, and I proved this in El Tunco. Katie and I had a surfing lesson and although I got up a few times, I can safely say I will never be the next Layne Beachley! It was fun though. After the lesson I discovered I had no money left, so I went to the ATM. Unfortunately the ATMS would not accept my mastercard, I was stuck! Thankfully Alec and Katie lent me enough money to get by until we found a working ATM. That night most people at our hostel decided to go out, another big night of drinking. I love going out here though because it does not at all matter what you wear or look like, this night I wore workout gear and no shoes! Watched the ocean for a while later that night, wanted to go swimming but Juan said no…probably for the best that I didn’t go drunk swimming in an unknown country. That night the power and water went out…we woke up the next morning sweltering. But, it was Katie’s birthday! We went out for breakfast and then relaxed on the hammocks. I let her and Alec go off for some couple time and then met with them later on the beach so we could watch the sunset from the ocean. I just love sunsets and sunrises, they are all so incredible in such different ways. Went and grabbed some dinner with Simon and met a large group of Australian/Canadian people, then had a nice night in reading on a hammock.

It was so nice to spend a few days relaxing on a beach, especially because I didn’t know when I was going to see the ocean again!


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