EUROTRIP 2013 (part three)

Part Three: Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, Croatia, London

The day travelling from Ibiza to Prague is a bit of a blur, I mostly slept. We finally got into Prague, found food and then all had a goood long sleep! On the first day we went to a Czech restaurant, I didnt mnd it but not everyone liked it AND they charged us for the sauce and pretzels which were already on the table! We had a look around at old town square which was cool and saw the astronomical clock. The next day was biger. In the morning char and I went to get our train tickets from the station and then we picked up Sam to go to the Jewish cemetery. That place was so moving and it was just incredible to feelings you can get from a place like that. We met up with JG and Ana and walked up to Prague castle where you could also see over the whole city. Later Ana, Sam, Char and I sat in a cafe in old town square. That night we went on the Prague Pub Crawl! After we met we went to the first bar where it was free abseinth shots for an hour! Half the crew were not too motivated after our time in Ibiza but then Ana just quoted Lionels ‘my mind keeps telling me no’ and off we all went and got crazy on shots! We went to a few other bars, met heaps of people and then ended up at the biggest club in central Europe, Karzoy Lane. It is a 5 story club and each story is a different genre of music!
Overall Prague was a beautiful city, the architecture was amazing and the people were lovely!
21431_10201681128533691_1775402807_n 969540_10201681139493965_963383628_n 1070050_10201681131773772_1112812549_n

Then it was off to Berlin! The train ride was pretty long and I, of course, slept a lot of the way. Got to our hostel and it was sweeeet. So many levels, a bar, a club, a photo booth and a big common area. BUT no aircon almost killed us!! Later we met up with the others who had two more join them, Marcus and Harley. Went back to the hostel and found out Ryder was in hospital and Nell was moving to Canada…heavy days!
The next day was intense to say the least. Char, Sam, Al and I went to Sachsenhausen which was a concentration camp outside Berlin. At this concentration camp they killed over 10k POWs at once! We saw a gasing station, jewish barracks, station Z and many other eerie things. The feelings from this place were quite overwhelming. Later that night I finaaallly got a good, big schnitzel! OH AND at 4am one of our roomies came home and started spitting all over the room until Sam told him to shut up! Also two guys we met on the Prague pub crawl ended up being in our dorm in Berlin! Small world.
The next day we went to the holocaust memorial and to the Berlin Wall. That was cool! After we got currywurst sausages, yummmmy! We also walked past a Malibu Barbie Dream house haha. Got thia food for dinner then sat in a main square eating tubs of icecream! LOVE BERLIN, wish I could have stayed so much longer!
58932_10201681120973502_320825379_n 546853_10201681137493915_1681312151_n

Amsterdam, time to chillllll. Had the longest train ride and the aircon broke so it was actually a sauna! After we got there we went to smokeys cafe with the other girls and had a J and some brownies, then watched some street preformers. I then got to make my own magnum!! We met up with everyone later that night and walked through the red light district which was insaaanneeee, so crazy how many women there were in windows and how many guys were going in them!  We walked around the streets and saw the national monument. Amsterdam is so liberal and everyone is so so laidback! All the streets and canals here are so pretty though, it is such a scenic place.
The next day we had to see Al off to the airport 😦 gooodbye my Al, goodluck in London! Then we went and waited in line for 2 hours to go into Ann Franks House…woah. Was awesome, we got to see the diary and everything! After we went and brought some ‘space shuttle’ mushrooms and went to the other apartment to try them out….wooooooowww. I can’t even talk about this experience without cracking it, it was the weirdest feeling I have ever had!!
Amsterdam was craaazaaay.
998753_10201701071392250_1907609775_n 1011548_10201701070312223_1697057428_n 1012214_10201701072592280_1833138145_n

Brussels. Eugh what a disgusting place. The only thing that made this place bearable was out amazing hostel, which was more like a hotel. The first day we spent ages trying to get tickets to tomorrowland but then we realised that was not going to happen. Had some burgers for lunch then thai for dinner. Got followed by creepy men…scary.
The next day we had to spend hours trying to work out our ryanair booking, I even had to get mum and grandma to do it from australia! Then we walked around and brought some clothes from a cute boutique. After we went to the main area to see the grand palace, town square, manequin pis and eat waffles!! I also brought a bar of beligum chocolate which was to die for! That night an old man on the steet begged us for a shag, gross. BELGIUM IS CREEPY!
1000750_10201701074192320_1785777271_n 1004800_10201701073872312_1728487730_n

Back to the beach….PULA CROATIA! We got to our hostel early so while we waited for check in we just tanned on the beach. After check in we went back to the beach and hired a paddle boat which was heaps of fun! The weather is beautiful, 33 degrees and water is crystal clear. Pebble beach again but not as bad as france! That night we went into town to get dinner and do some souviner shopping.
Then I turned 20…happy birthday to me! My first summer birthday, yahoooo! In the morning we went scuba diving, that was so much fun, the girls got man handled which was hilarious but we all had a ball. Then we had lunch overlooking the marina. After lunch we walked around the beautiful coast line and discovered some amazing places. Got back to hostel and jumped straight in the water! Tanned for a bit and then had some vodkas on the beach front. The girls took me for dinner at the Yacht Club and then we went and got prettty drunk at a bar called Glam. Had such a lovely birthday!
The next day we went Paragliding! So stoked with the things we did on the trip…..we broke the boat too, hahahahaha. After we found some secluded rocks and tanned euro style and then we went swimming like that too. Water is perfect here. Went back to the hostel to pack then went into town for dinner and more shopping. Earlier that day we heard one of our roommates going at it with some bird in the ONE communal shower…buddddy.
Had our last breakfast and tan in Croatia and then we headed off to the airport 😦 Got a sweet deal with a taxi driver so we didnt have to catch the bus! So so so sad that we are leaving!
602703_10201709223076037_1025480110_n 971738_10201715382950030_1798025550_n 993630_10201716682542519_2120404304_n 1002320_10201701078312423_1375768337_n 1002846_10201709221756004_753405376_n

We arrived back in London town..from 33 to 22..not so fun haha. After getting dinner we met up with Jos and her friend hannah and got margaritas at Waccas, then we caught a black cab home! A girl from Canada, who was our roomie, came shopping with us the next day. London shopping is aaaamaaaazing!!! We spent hours looking around stores and barley touched the shopping scene! That night we went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to see the Indian Tempest. We stood in the yard and it was so cool! Sam was not so impressed haha. Then we had to go home and pack because we were heading back to Australia tomorrow…nooooooo!!
Nextttt day, SAM GOT A TATTOO! She did so welll and it looked amazing! We also got lunch with Jos and sat in a park with her before saying goodbye to her 😦 Once we got back to the hostel it was time for the shuttle to pick us up….we were greeted by a crazy shuttle lady who we first thought was just a bit confused but turns out she is insaneeee! Took us 2 hours to get to heathrow, with no aircon, on the hottest day in London that year (32 degrees).
And that was it, we boarded that plane and headed home!

That trip was honestly the trip of a lifetime, we had so much fun and did so many crazy/amazing/stupid/wonderful things that I will never forget! Also just got to give a special shout out to Milka, which is an unbelievable chocolate brand which got us through the trip, no matter what Milka was there. haha.
We contemplated not getting on the plane home more times than I can remember and I cannot wait to go back. Best people, best places, best trip!


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