EUROTRIP 2013 (part two)

Part Two: Pamplona, Barcelona, Ibiza.

And then we were off to San Fermin – Running of the Bulls 2013 in Pamplona! We caught a plane to Barcelona then a five hour train to Pamplona. Did not do much when we got to Pamplona but was awesome because everyone was dressed in white and red! The next day we got up bright and early, put on our red/white gear and off we went to try and find the balcony we were supposed to watch the run from butttttt we couldn’t find the balcony! So we ended up just going to the Arena, which was AWESOME! Everyone was so hyped and the atmosphere was incredible. Then we watched the race on a big screen, after that we stayed and watched as they let the little bulls into the arena with everyone inside trying to run away from them, or some were trying to touch them! We then went home and had a siesta, when in spain do as the spanish do. Later char, sam and I went and met JG and Hass in a park where we drank sangria for hours and then we went and watched these amazing fireworks with thousands of other people. 

The next day we…..RAN WITH THE BULLS. Yep, you read correctly. I had wanted to do the run but wasn’t going to do it alone, so when the girls said they wanted to do it after seeing it the day before it was set, we were running! So it was Char, JG, Sam, Darty, Hass and I. Darty had already done it so he lead us to the pack of people (before deadmans corner) where we had to wait until 7:50am before we could go and find our spot on the course. Dart + Hass then left us girls. There were a lot of guys looking at us girls strangely and some asked us if we were ready to die, ha. After finding our spot we just stood until 8am when the run began. Char and I thought it had started so we began jogging then realised it hadn’t begun ahaha. Then we heard them and we saw everyone running towards us so that was a good que to go. The run didn’t last long but it was awesome! All of us made it into the arena, I have never felt so much adrenaline in my life!! Honestly, the arena was the scariest part…little bulls running at walls and bucking people and half the time you couldnt see where they were, but we all made it out alive! Then we had to go home and take a train to Barcelona! While we were waiting for the train we sat inside the bar, which had the music pumping, but also had a creeeepy old man taking photos of us! haha.

Holaaaaa Barcelona! I absolutely loved this place, I could live here easily!
When we first got to the hostel we found out we had our own apartment, awesome, and it was just of La Ramblas which is the main street. Buttttttt it took us over half an hour to work out how to open the door and walked up about 100000 stairs haha. Our friend Ana arrived in Barcelona so we met up with her and JG to look around the shops, then we went to the beach! It was sandy and the water look perfect butttt it was so dirty >_< On the way to the beach we got a taxi and hass tried to get in the drivers side hehehe. We got some tapas on the way home, soo much food on this trip! We all went home and got ready…darty straightened my hair hahaha! Then we alll went and got tapas at this awesome place! We met up there with ana’s friend Robbie and some of his friends from Aus. Robbie ordered a mojito and got mussels, ahh that language barrier! Then we all went to their apartment had drinks and went out to a club called CATWALK. Oh my gosh the clubs in europe just keep amazing me, they are so big! We all ordered a drink, would you like some lemonade with your vodka? haha. We got home about 4:30 and ran home because we thought we were going to get muggged aha.
Next morning Dart, Al and I went to the fresh food markets just down the road, which were unreal! There was every food imaginable! That arv us girls went to La Sangrara Familia which is the biggest church in Barcelona. Ana, JG, Char, Sam and I went back to our fav tapas restuarant for dinner and surprised Ana with a bday cake. Theeeen we walked home and got stalked by a man in a blue shirt so we hid inside a hostel! Early night before, IBIZA, woohooooo!

Ibiza. Woah. I look back and wonder how I survived haha. We arrived and our apartment was aaaamaazing! 2 bedroom and beachfront right next to BoraBora on Playa Den Bossa! We all got ready and then at about 9pm we went to Ushuaia to see Avicii! When we got there Benni Benassi was playing. Took us so long to get a drink and they cost soo much, 8euro for a 300ml bottle of water! Then we walked down to front left of the stage and Avicii came on, we were all on another level, it was amazing. After we went back to JG’s to keep going then caught a taxi to priviledge (biggest club in the world) to see showtek! But showtek had already played 😦 Had an amazingggg night!
Next day, slept till 12, then char and I went to lay on the beach andddd all of a sudden we saw all my things flying off a balcony! Long story short, darty hated me apparently and decided to throw my things off a balcony hahahahaha. amazing. After we went to the others apartment and layed on floaties in the pool! Went to borabora for a drink then pre’d at ours until about 1:30am until we went to Priviledge to see ARMIN VAN BURREN, wow, that man. Was the most amazing set I have ever seen, the feeling I had the whole time was just wow. Then Ana, Sam and I watched the sunrise on the beach, wellll we thought we did….turns out we didnt watch the sun come up we were so out of it we just thought that light meant sun up hahaha!
Didnt wake up till 2pm and didnt do much. We caught a taxi over to San Antonio to watch the sunset at Cafe Mambo, where afrojack was playing. Was just Ana, Sam, JG and I pre’ing then at about 230am we woke up Char to go and play bumper cars!!! was too fun! Then we went to Space to see Carl Cox but it wsa so packed that we just couldnt deal with it and ended up leaving. Char went home 😦 So Ana, JG, Sam and I went to Amnesia and oh it was what we needed! We saw Pendulum and this guy Quintino who was sick! I was out of my mind, wow, too off chops haha! We got home about 630 and woke char to all watch out last Ibizan sunrise together 🙂
Thank you Ibiza, you were amazing!


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