EUROTRIP 2013 (part one)

My most recent adventure was to Europe and I honestly had the time of my life. I feel like I will blabble too much so I am going to break this down into three parts.
Part One = Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, Vatican, Nice
Part Two = Pamplona, Barcelona, Ibiza, Prague
Part Three = Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, Croatia, London

It all started about two years ago when my friend Sam and I were jogging. We were talking about travelling Europe and how we couldn’t find anyone to go with…lightbulb moment, lets go together! So we went home and made up a little itinerary about the places we wanted to go. Now was the waiting game until we could book flights. A few days before booking flights our friend Charlotte decided she was going to come too…awesome! THEN months down the track we became friends with a girl named Al who’s boyfriend was about to move to London so she decided to come along as well (Al went over a few days earlier)! Our friends Justine, Harrison and Ana were also going to meet up with us in a few destinations! It was already looking good.

Our first stop was Abu Dhabi as our travel agent got us a great deal to stay there for 2 nights on the way to London. We all had no idea what to expect. On arrival we almost featured in Taken 3 when a man tried to get us to go down to the car park to get in his taxi haha. We got to our hotel ‘Le Meridian’ and wow it was beautiful! The next day we went and had an amazing buffet breakfast and then caught a taxi to Shaek Zaed Mosque, it was massive but we were not allowed in as we all were not in proper headdress. It was superrrr hot outside! We then went to the Marina shopping mall for a look around. Abu Dhabi was all so new and clean it was so cool! After we came back and explored our hotel a bit, it had its own private beach! In the afternoon we were picked up by a 4WD to begin a tour! We first went 4WD through the sand dunes, it was crazy!!! Then we got to ride a camel, go sandboarding, get hennas, try on muslim dress, try a sheesha, eat arabic food and watch a belly dance show all out in a little desert camp! Was such a fun experience. 

GOODMORNING LONDON! After flying in we caught the metro to Oxford Circus Station and walked to our hostel. We met up with Al and her boy Darty and his friend Justin, then we walked to Hyde Park. Later we walked through Lychester Square to find a pub, then we decided we were going out so we went back to our hostel room and drank vodka and went to a little place called Picadilly Institue (still bigger than any club at home). It was a fun night. Next day we did a lot of sight seeing! Took a hoponhopoff bus around London to see all the sights including: Buckingham Palace & changing of the guards (never again, longest process ever!), Trafalgur Square, Regents park, Green park, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Bridge, London Tower, St Pauls Catherdral and Shakespeares Globe. We also got to go on a cruise down the river Thames. That night we met up with our friend Jose who had moved to london along with Al and Dart and we all went and got chinese.
The next day was state of origin at home so we caught the underground and went to an Aussie pub in Shepards Bush called the ‘walkabout’, sadly the blues lost 😦 That night we went and saw WICKED at the Apollo Theatre, it was so cool and we had such a good time! We also met up with Jose because she has sams eurorail ticket (which she left at home!), that was a little mission in itself navigating the undergrounds.

Oui we we monsieur we were off to Paris the next day at 5am. New crew, Sam, Char, Al, Darty, Jack and I. Slept pretty much the whole train ride. Then we got to Paris and got super duper lost trying to find our accommodation! But did get to pit stop for some crossiants. Finally got to our adorable little loft and decided to do a hoponhopoff bus around Paris. We visited moulin rouge, chocolate museum. We also saw a man getting tattooed in a gutter and a few prostitutes. That night we brought cheese which stank out our apartment and drank lots of vodka. We were being loud and a man was yelling at us in french which we didnt understand until they told us they would call the police in english…wooopsie!
The next day I walked down to the street and got us some fresh bread for breakfast. We then went to the Lourve which was totally and utterly amazing. Just everything about it was beautiful, you could spend so long looking around that place! We got to see the Mona Lisa but then had to go as we had to get to the Eiffel Tower. Being up top of the tower was awesome but it was SO COLD (summer???) after that we went and had a little photo shoot in front of the tower and then waited around until dark so we could see the tower all lit up, that was amazing, it really made Paris. The next day before heading to Italy we went to the Love Lock bridge.


Ciao ITALY. Well, was a rough start because we went  Paris-Milan via plane then Milan-Venice via train but we didnt realise Milan airport and train station were over an hour away, so we had the taxi man driving at 140km to try and get us there but we missed it 😦 So we had to get new tickets and jump on the next one but it was all okay when we got to Venice because it was so beautiful! The first day we just wandered around venice looking down all the canals and seeing what there was to see. Jack and Dart randomly found their old friend Andreas (who spoke italian, score!) so he came along with us. We all had dinner on the canal which was nice and then we spent hours searching for a hostel for Jack and Darty (because we had crazy asian people controlling ours) so we got pizza as a late night snack. 
Next stop was Florence. We met up with Justine and Harrison (yay) and all caught the train. That night we went to the lookout on top of Florence, beautiful! Got to watch the sunset over florence and then having dinner overlooking. The next day Sam, Char and I went to see Michealangelos David, we waited in line for 2 hours but it was sooo worth it!!! Poor Char was super sick 😦 Then we met up with everyone and all went to see the leaning tower of Pisa. Afterwards Al surprised Darty with paragliding for his 21st birthday! So Jack, Darty and I all went paragliding over Tuscany!!!! So so so so so so awesome! Had to say goodbye to our hostel man, Maximo, who was so lovely! But it was his birthday so we learnt to sing Happy Birthday in Italian and sang to him!

Last stop in Italy was Rome. WOW. The first night we let our italian hostel man take us out…..ended up at a Irish Pub singing Kareoke. Char, Sam and I sang ‘ a land down under’ oh my god, hahahahahha. It was a funny night. Next day we went and saw the Trevi Fountain, Mouslinins Balcony and Piazza Venizza. Then we went on a guided tour through the Roman Forums and Colosseum!! Was the most incredible experience, everything is just so old and the history behind everything is amazing. The next day we did a tour of the Vatican City, which is a separate country from Italy! That place is crazy. We got to go into the Sistine Chapel and see all the amazing paintings that are so talked about. 

The boys had left for Pamplona the day earlier so it was just us girls and Hass off to Nice! Our plane was delayed so we got into Nice super late. I was slightly glad to have left Italy so I didn’t have to eat Pizza and Pasta, again! The first day in Nice we went down to the beach and tanned with pebbles on our nipples, haha! The pebble beach is weird. We then went to the look out on top and after went jumping off some rocks into the ocean! Came home and it was time to go ooooout on a Pub Crawl. We were all super drunk by 9pm and we had the funnest night!! The next day I got up bright and early and caught the trai to La Cioat where my mums bestfriend, Frenchie, lives. She took me to a hillside stone village and we had lunch overlooking the country side. Later we went back to her house and went tanning on the beach, european style of course. Then I had to say goodbye to her and catch a train back to Nice. 



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