What it’s all about

I’m Ash, currently  20 years old and since I was 12 I have had this extreme urge to travel and see all things new and wonderful. I am a student slaving away in Queensland, have a part-time job as a barista/bartender, love being out and about all the time and I love food.

At 12 I decided I wanted to visit my family in Canada. After two years of odd jobs and saving up all my pocket money I caught a plane with my pop to Canada (2007). Since then I have been to:

– New Zealand 2010
– South Africa and Swaziland 2011
– Thailand 2011
– Japan 2012
– Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos 2013
– Abu Dhabi, England, France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Croatia 2013

On my hit list of places is
– South America
– India/China/Nepal

Within Australia I have been to a number of cities including: Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Mackay, Cairns, Casino, Toowoomba, Grafton, Yamba, Melbourne, Narrandera, Wagga Wagga, Perth, Bunbury, Adelaide.
I would also love to travel outback Australia and see the beautiful sites in my own backyard!

This blog is will be an online record of all my past, present and future travels which will hopefully inspire others to travel and see all the great things this world has to offer!

P.s. always keen for a travel partner soooo hit me up if you want to go somewhere I haven’t been!



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