New Zealand 2010

Thanks to my little brothers love for BMX, my dad took us to NZ for 10 days for the North Island Titles which in 2011 were held in Rotorua! 
We arrived in Auckland and stayed with our friends The Bearmans (Deane, Gordon, Rico and Mikayla). They picked us up in their bus which was our car for he next 10 days, in Auckland we went to the BMX a lot but also got to go to SnowPlanet which is an indoor snow field. I tried skiing, which was fun until I tried to go from up the top of the hill….I didn’t exactly know how to slow down and ended up flying face first into the window and knocking myself out, much to everyones amusement. Our friends from Australia, the jenkinsons, also came and stayed with us, so with 7 kids it was lots of fun for the parents! We went to some nice restaurants and to Deane’s mums cafe which sold Brioche…BEST BREAD EVER.
We finally began our road trip to Rotorua! It was quite smelly. While we were there we went to the Luge which is this awesome downhill gokart type thing, went with lots of the BMX boys so things got wild. We spent most days at the BMX track which was fun seeing lots of Aussies and meeting a bunch of Kiwis!
On the last day of the Norths, my good friend Darryn said their was going to be a party and that I could go with him, some of the boys and two kiwi girls (Michelle and Nicole) who I had just met. That was a fun night, ended up quite drunk at a BMX families ranch trying to act sober in front of all the parents hehehehe. Ended up back at Michelle’s apartment where the fire alarm went off at 2am!! Next morning I was not exactly in the good books, but oh well fun times 😉
We went to Taupo from Rotorua where I got to go BUNGY JUMPING! Was such an amazing experience and I got dunked under the water at the end of my jump which was freeeeezing. Taupo was such a beautiful little town 🙂

Can’t wait to go back to NZ to experience the snow!ImageImageImage


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