JAPAN 2012

Well, here it is my first solo adventure!

When I arrived in Japan at Tokyo Narita airport I got on the train into Tokyo city but then got so lost trying to find my hostel at 11pm at night! Some lovely old business men helped me and I found out I was sharing a room with 5 boys! The first day I went on my own to the Tokyo skytree which took me 340m high! Back at the hostel I met Ryan (canada) and Benny (germany) and they took me to sushi train where I tried the weirdest things….eels, fatty tuna and octopus to name a few. Then we caught a train from Asakusa to Shibuya where we drank beer then went to KAREOKE! What a Japanese experience, we ended up staying until 7am because we missed the last train back!! 
After sleeping till 2am we discovered Ryan left his back pack on the train, but not to fear! Japanese people are 100% trustworthy and someone had handed it in!
We viewed the Shibuya crossing then we went into Ginza which is the rich district. After we caught a subway to Ahkiabura which was amazing. It was like being in an ulternate univerese with video games everywhere! We went for dinner at a maid cafe….only in Japan. 


I ventured on my own the next day to Shinjuku because benny had gone back to germany 😦 I went to the tokyo metro governement building which let me see the whole city! Then I walked through the red light district ‘kabichuino’. Went to Ueno park which was massssiveeee and had so many temples/shrines. Back at the hostel I met Marcus (UK) and Adam (US) and we went for dinner with Sai (Japan) and Max (Martinique) at this awesome japanese restaurant. 
Harajuku shopping…wow just wow. This place is indescribable, I love Japan way too much! Had a great time digging through 10 story shopping centres and looking at all the cool eccentric trends! Met back up with Ryan and the other boys and we went to a Korean BBQ for dinner then to this cool loft gallery. After we went for drinks and then ryan and I got Dennys on the way home haha. 


Last day in Tokyo, Ryan and I went to the Tsujuki fish markets..smelly! But had the most amazing, fresh sushi, however, it did cost me and arm&leg. After we went to Roppongi and went to Tokyo Tower. On way back we stopped at Ahkiubura and got ramen noodles…tooo goood! Ryan and I got asian photos ^_^ Then we went back to the hostel and got taken to the Torino Ichi Festival where we ate a bunch of street food and help Sai buy a goodluck decoration for the hostel! 
Then it was time to go to Nagoya to go and visit my friend MOMOKO! I caught a bus, which took 5 hours but went quick and I saw Mt.Fuji. Walked around town until momo’s friend came to let me in to her apartment. BUT the key didnt work and I was stranded so Momo put me up in a hotel the cutie. 
I went to Mijo gardens, Nagoya Castle and Nagoya Port on the next day. I also went to an underground shopping centre which contained a POKECENTRE…yep shit got cray. After I went and had the Nagoyan specialty of deepfried pork with some delicious sauce (getting fat day by day). Later at night I went to The Hub and OXO where I met some cool americans who took me out clubbing….underage #sorrynotsorry. We went to ID which was 5 stories and insane! Had the best time, got way to drunk on tequila and got lost on the way home! woooopsie.
Next day i was very very hungover but I made it to the Toyota Car Museum which was interesting but then I fell asleep in the library hehe. I went shopping after my nap then finallllly got to see momo, she is the most adorable thing ever! She brought me so many gifts and her parents brought me a train ticket to Kyoto! 

So the next day off I went to Kyoto on a bullet train! Everyday I’m touristing. Woah that place is unreal, so so so many temples just everywhere you walk. I ended up just walking for 8 hours following tour groups which led me up to some amazing temples on top of a huge hill! I was super tired after but then went for dinner with momo and her friend. 
Then it was time for me and momo to say goodbye…I was so sad. I had such a good time with her. So off I went on a train to tokyo narita airport where I boarded the plane back to Australia.
I thought 10 days on my own would be enough, but it was nowhere close to sufficient. Japan was an amazing place which needs to be on everyones to do list. Toyko is one of the only cities in the world I would move to! I always laughed at people who took photos of food butttt I became one of them for sure, it was just all too good!

Until next time Japan, Sayonara.


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