Canada 2007

At 14 years old I had saved up enough money for a plane ticket to Canada. At the time my Aunty was about to turn 40 so my Pop decided to fly over with me and venture around B.C with our family. We left in June and were there for about three weeks. I had previously been to Canada in 1999 when I was 6 years old with my mum and sister.

It was quite a while ago now so I do not remember too much but I will have a go at explaining the highlights of my journey! (I did write a diary BUT when I brought it home someone spilled water on it!)

My family lives in Vancouver right near Commercial Drive in a little housing complex which they also lived in in my previous visit. The family I have in Canada is Aunty Vicky, Uncle Pat and my two cousins Seamus and Allara. We spent the first week hanging around the area and setting up for my Auntys big 40th birthday! My cousins were almost on summer break so they got to hang around with me. We always walked up ‘The Drive’ and got slices of pizza, milkshakes and icecream from the magical store which sold over 150 ice-cream flavours! It was weird to get used to a different kind of money and having to tip everywhere I went. We also went on a big shopping trip and I brought heaps of clothes from American Apparel, Lulu lemon, American Eagle and other North American brands.
During our time there we borrowed a car and all of us took a 10 day road trip through the Rocky Mountains which was unreal. Canada is the most scenic place. We stopped and camped or stayed in lodges at a few spots along the way. While we were camping we got to build a fire and make schmores, we also saw so many different animals including squirrels, hummingbirds and even bears! 
I loved stopping at the hot springs along the way, but jumping in the ‘cool down’ pool afterwards was not so fun! To keep ourselves entertained on the drives we played gameboys and my cousins, unsuccessfully, tried to teach me French.
On the trip we went to Princess Louise Lake which was the most stunning thing I have ever seen. It was a cool 10 degrees and I was in shock because it was supposed to be summer! We hiked up and found a waterfall which was beautiful. 
Finally we got back to Vancouver and before it was time to come home we went to the big science museum.

And that folks, was my Canadian adventure!


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