Returning home and coming full circle

For those of you who don't know the timeline of my life here is a quick recap to get you up to speed. For the following will make no sense without it. I was 12 years old when I decided I want to save for an international trip. At 14 I went to Canada with... Continue Reading →


A delayed apology, an explanation and a pre warning

To all the friends I have made plans with and the backed out on - this apology is for you. To all my friends who will make plans with me in the future - don't say I didn't warn. A thing you should know about me is that I am super honest and have little... Continue Reading →

Surround yourself with people who get it!

The past few days I have been waking up unmotivated. I don´t want to do anything in particular, I haven´t wanted to meet anyone, I have been wandering around each day in a daze feeling lost. I know these feelings happen to people as life becomes mundane. However, the catch is that I am travelling.... Continue Reading →

My Nica Life…otro vez 

In June last year I had no idea what I was doing it where I was going. No commitments, enough money to go where I wanted (awful problem I know). However I still couldn't figure it out. Then all of a sudden Facebook reminded me that exactly a year earlier I had left Nicaragua. Oh... Continue Reading →

When friends become family

It´s funny how it happens. In the blink of an eye. Without you even noticing. You meet someone, exchange pleasantries and don't give much thought to it. Even when they made a good impression, you don´t expect the outcome, you don´t even think about it. You start to see that person more regularly, once or... Continue Reading →

The Kindness of Strangers

After meeting many wonderful local people in Laos and Indonesia I was inspired to make a concious effort to surround myself with as many locals as possible. I did this by couchsurfing, hitchhiking, taking local transport and interacting with locals in bars and resturants. The months of May and June took me to new parts... Continue Reading →

The People You Meet in Indonesia 

I spent a month galavanting around Indonesia with two of my closes friends. Ross, Darcy and I met working in Nicaragua and when Ross said he would be in Indonesia in May. Darcy and I took it as an invitation to join him & explore this vast archipelago. Long storey short. Darcy and I flew... Continue Reading →

New Years in April

I stepped off the bus and began to walk the streets of Savannakhet when SPLASH! I was soaked from head to toe. A local family ran towards me with a hose and buckets of water yelling SOK DEE PI MAI! It was April 14 and the first day of Lao New Year. The buckets of... Continue Reading →

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